Blackwater pines in Northwest Florida by Northern Gulf Environmental


Environmental Assessment by Northern Gulf Environmental

Environmental Assessment

Northern Gulf’s staff have been developing Environmental Assessments in Northwest Florida for nearly 20 years. We stay up to date on local, state, and federal regulations to ensure that you’re getting the best and most reliable information possible. We understand that time is of the essence, so we strive to get the field work done…

Environmental Permitting

A state Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) and a federal permit are required for most projects involving work in wetlands or surface waters. Acquiring a permit requires the submission of a permit application, which generally includes environmental information and design drawings. Our Environmental Permitting Projects also include Wetland Delineation Services Northern Gulf’s staff have 40 years…


Geospatial Assessment

At Northern Gulf, our geospatial services are routinely applied throughout all phases of our work, from initial site evaluations and proposals to onsite data collection of natural resource data, geographic analysis, and contemporary mapping that meets our client’s needs. Our projects and scientific services are technical in nature, as we typically work alongside engineers, scientists,…

Seagrass surveys by Northern Gulf Environmental

Seagrass & Aquatic Resource Surveys

Northern Gulf specializes in providing seagrass and aquatic resource surveys for coastal development and restoration projects. We utilize high-precision GPS equipment to ensure that we capture accurate seagrass boundaries in the field. Our experience includes projects ranging from single-family docks and marinas to waterfront parks, major bridge design, and oceanic subsea networks. Related Projects

Stream Condition Index

The Stream Condition Index (SCI) is a bioassessment tool developed by the FDEP to assess stream health. SCI scores are developed based on aquatic macroinvertebrate (insect) data collected from streams – in short, some bugs are indicators of good health while others may indicate that there is an impairment issue. The SCI can be used…

Eastern Indigo Snake, Threatened & Endangered Species

Threatened & Endangered Species

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) provides a framework for the protection of our Nation’s most vulnerable species. Most states also provide regulatory protection for plant and animal species that are rare, threatened, endangered, or at risk of commercial exploitation. Listed Species Reviews Northern Gulf routinely conducts listed species reviews as part of the Environmental Assessment…

Wetland Delineation by Northern Gulf Environmental

Wetland Delineation

Northern Gulf’s certified Professional Wetland Scientists are experts at delineating wetlands, with 40 years of combined experience in Northwest Florida and throughout the Southeast. We routinely perform wetland delineations in support of state and federal permit applications, local environmental assessments, and due diligence site investigations. Whether you’re applying for a permit, development order, or evaluating…