Stream Condition Index

Certified by FDEP to Conduct Stream Health Assessments

The Stream Condition Index (SCI) is a bioassessment tool developed by the FDEP to assess stream health. SCI scores are developed based on aquatic macroinvertebrate (insect) data collected from streams – in short, some bugs are indicators of good health while others may indicate that there is an impairment issue. The SCI can be used in a wide variety of applications, including determining the effectiveness of stream or watershed restoration, or ensuring treated wastewater discharge is not impacting stream health.

Northern Gulf’s staff have been certified by the FDEP to conduct SCI sampling since the early days of the program. We have sampled sites throughout Northwest Florida and routinely conduct SCIs to maintain compliance with wastewater treatment plant permits. We maintain strict compliance with FDEP Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the data accurately reflects real-world conditions. We love working in streams and look forward to our next stream monitoring project!

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